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Spangenberg, Ludwig II

Marcus SpangenbergLudwig II.Der andere KönigVerlag Friedrich PustetRegensburg ISBN 978-3-7917-2308-2175 pages, 23 illustrations softcover2011 / EURO 14,95.

*** M. Spangenberg - Ludwig II

He hated war, yet fought two armed struggles. He considered himself King by the grace of God, but subordinated himself to the German Emperor. He preferred solitude, but was constantly searching for a companion.King Louis (Ludwig) II of Bavaria (1845-1886) responded to his times with an antiquated and religiously inspired view of Monarchy. His attachment to the 'real, true' Kingship had an averse effect: Louis II lost sight of the realities of a smaller state and in 1886 he was robbed of his throne and his life. This pleasant and informative short biography by German (art) historian Marcus Spangenberg is based on the latest studies in Bavarian Royal history and offers some new perspectives on this eccentric, fascinating King.

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Added 29-11-2012 

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